Unicycle gets a release

The long-awaited 2nd album is in the works for a release this week. The project was shelved more than two years ago for a few different reasons; one of those reasons was that Damon had been writing and performing a bunch of material that wasn’t in the set the nights he recorded Unicycle, and those jokes were always supposed to be part of the second album. Another reason was the atmosphere of the shows themselves.

“It’s a rowdy fucking show”, Damon says, “it’s much, much rougher than ‘Shame’ (the first album). In every way, this album is grittier than the first one. First of all, I taped it on the fly, most of it is from a November show in my hometown of Binghamton, NY. People who know me are in the audience: they’re wasted, they’re yelling out, they know the people behind the jokes and they want to help tell it. It’s gritty, like my earliest shows, it’s a road house and whiskey is flowing and people are smoking weed in the room and I’m drunk right there with them…half of this set is improvised, I barely stick to the script; it was a roller coaster, but it was fun.”

Even the sound quality is a little rough as you’ll soon hear. “‘Shame’ was professional through and through. Recorded in a theater, sound mixed by a pro, sent to the record label, remixed by another pro. I didn’t even plan on recording anything this time so the sound isn’t off a sound board..it actually comes from a room source and honestly it’s not the fucking best, but it sure fits the mood and I’m swinging on this crowd just to stay alive and it works. And fuck it, it’s time to let this bitch out…there’s another polished project right behind it so. Try to stay on the Unicycle as long as you can.

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